The Yiggiy Eight

We still have openings to be one of the Yiggiy Eight

The Yiggiy Eight are sponsors who took advantage of our incredible introductory offer. The offer is as follows:
The sponsor pays $5000 and receives:
                 1.) A written, directed, and produced video commercial
2.) A well designed banner ad
3.) 400,000 views of their video commercial
4.) A trivia question asked about the commercial to get more attention
5.) 1 Million views of the banner ad

As part of the Yiggiy Eight, we will continue to promote your products or services to get sales,
long after your ad campaign ends.

The commision Yiggiy earns from sales they get the Yiggiy Eight will go toward advertising these companies over and over.
As long as the commmisions received from sales, equals or exceeds the advertising costs, Yiggiy will put those commissions
back into more advertising for the Yiggiy Eight.