Yiggiy Games

At Yiggiy Games players can compete in real tournaments for real prizes all for free. The three most important elements of games are the three that create excitement for the players. Those three things that players care about most are:


With Yiggiy Games the prizes are huge, in fact world record huge.

All of the games are free to play 24/7

And the best part for the players are the very short routes to success.


Each game has 5 stages.

With hearts you only need to defeat 6 others to win a stage.

With Poker you need to defeat 10 others and win a stage.

With slots you only need to defeat 6 others to win a stage

Stage 1 Spin the wheel of prizes

Stage 2 win $10 Spin Cash

Stage 3 win $100 Spin Cash

Stage 4 win $1000 Spin Cash

Stage 5 win $50,000 Spin Cash


Yiggiy Games will be adding more games all the time.




The Life Changing Challenge

The Life Changing Challenge is the most hilarious game you will ever play

Defeat just 6 others playing the game and win very valuable cash and prizes

Defeat all 42 players you face and you win all 7 prizes

Prizes for the 7 total stages of the game are:

Stage 1 Spin the wheel of prizes.

Stage 2 $20 gift card to the FUNdraising Mall

Stage 3 $100

Stage 4 $1000

Stage 5 A Brand New Carr

Stage 6 A Custom Built House

Stage 7 A six figure retirement income